Gandalf and his people, Henry, Leslie, and Bella



Abby and Duchess






 Karli,  Gabriel,  Kasia and new kitten Pudge.



Gabe and Aggie are bonded.




Erica and Teddy Bear! 


Indigo Blue and his kids, Sawyer and Amara

Korra and Poe.



 Kya.  She was born August 18K., 2013.  She is from Keepsake and Throw Me a Line.  Owner's name is Tasha Smithberg


Matthew and Harry

Harry and Mitzi

Lauren and Harry Winston




Buzheky Wea  (pronounced Boo-shecky-weeah) It means "Catwoman" in Hidatsa.

"Agador" and "Armand"

Pictures from Karli & Mike in Grand Forks, North Dakota





She lives with the Mildenstein family